A more powerful planning poker session in Team O’clock

Added similar voted tasks for context, revoting option, and ordering tasks based on user feedback.

A more powerful planning poker session in Team O’clock

After releasing planning poker async edition we got some user feedback on improving the functionality and interactions and we have now delivered on these items.

These enhancements are:

  • Preview voted tasks with similar vote with the one you choose for additional context. Now when you add or edit your vote in a task you will see a section at the bottom of the task holding the latest 3 tasks that the team has voted with the same vote you have selected. This way you can have a more educated estimation.
  • Ability to re-vote on the same task, so no additional task is added when you revote. This way your estimation sessions will always hold the latest team votes on each item. To do that, ask the facilitator to click the “Revote” option on a completed task, where results are visible.
  • Re-order tasks to fit your team’s scenario. Based on feedback we got, there are cases where you want to organize tasks for voting based on your own criteria. So we have enabled the facilitator to re-order tasks in the list by default, simply by dragging a task added in the list.

In addition to the above, we have improved some copywriting on various elements.

A big thank you!🎉

We couldn’t achieve the above without your input and feedback! For each of the elements we worked on we had some solid feedback from our user base, enhancing the positive cycle of development.

Whether you are already a Team O’clock user or are testing out solutions for your planning poker sessions with your team feel free running a demo planning poker (no account required).