Growing bigger with more integrations

Growing bigger with more integrations
The integrations page

With more integrations coming in Team O'clock we needed a dedicated space to host them all 🙂. While doing so, we unified the settings experience for all integrations.

All integrations will be available on the Integrations page. You can access this page from the Team O'clock interface by clicking "Integrations" at the bottom right.

Each integration is displayed as a card with an indicator of whether you have activated or not. Clicking on an Integration card you can see all the information and setting options in a popup.

A modal of the Slack integration, with the "About" section selected. Displaying information about Slack integration.
Slack integration popup

Check whether the integration functionality is right for your team, Connect or Disconnect the integration, and set any custom options if applicable.

A modal showing the story pointing settings of Jira-Team O'clock integration
Settings of the Jira - Team O'clock integration.

Team O'clock currently supports:

If you're missing a specific integration please get in touch to include it in our future roadmap!