Mindful approach for the onboarding experience

Team O’clock latest improvement involves the onboarding process for people trying out the meeting service for the first time.

Mindful approach for the onboarding experience
Onboarding screen to choose expected value

Team O’clock latest improvement involves the onboarding process for people trying out the meeting service for the first time. In a nutshell, Team O’clock will now be a bit more assistive to new people having their first agile meeting in the platform.

What a new person in trial will see

Signing up with a new trial on Team O’clock there is an interface to pick the main reason the person joined — as seen on the image above — .

Past that, the dashboard interface will hold an incentive towards performing the meeting of choice offering as much information and value possible earlier in the process. There is a prompt offering two options for having a meeting of choice or getting more details on that meeting.

Prompt on planning poker session with option for having a meeting or watching a video with more information
Planning poker action prompt

Choosing to have meeting, you will be redirected to the meeting of choice. Choosing to see the video you will be presented with an extended modal with a quick walkthrough video and some benefits of the selected meeting.

Modal with planning poker value in bullets and a loom video
The modal with information and video for the planning poker session

To further assist you when trialing Team O’clock into understanding the value of the agile meetings offered, we provided another incentive on inviting more people and having an actual meeting with your team, as seen below.

Prompt on inviting team members to Team O’clock with a button for invitation

Why such an improvement was needed?

What we’ve noticed following the platform’s funnel was a great deal of people joining to try out the services provided — that’s the top of the funnel — , yet very few of the people in trial did actually perform an agile meeting. This affected all remaining steps of the funnel towards a successful conversion and value offered to people trialing Team O’clock.

Funnel showing value offered to trials. Only a 9,26% has had at least a meeting
Trial-value funnel (from Metabase)

Agile meetings for retrospective, standup and effort estimation are the core of the value that Team O’clock offers and only a portion of the people that clearly want to check it out do reach a meeting interface!

What’s next?

Since releasing these improvements, we are going to monitor the impact on the trial-value funnel seen above and proceed with further enhancement based on the findings.

If you haven’t tried Team O’clock yet for your agile meetings, give it a try!