Streamline user management

Team O'clock offers better user management both when in a meeting and when the administrator manages users.

Streamline user management

In the past months, we introduced some user-related changes in Team O'clock. Specifically:

  • An easier way to invite members while performing a meeting is to start faster your meeting.
  • Mass user management while in the Team O'clock management interface, offering more control to the administrators.

Let's see a bit more about what each has to offer.

Focus on your meeting, participants follow

Scrum meetings are a necessity in your workflow, while some of them are easier to set up - e.g. daily standup - some meetings are planned ad-hoc and on a need basis. A Retrospective might be triggered by a reminder event in the team, and a Planning poker session triggered when enough work is ready for estimation.

As a Scrum master in Team O'clock, you act fast on setting up the meetings, focusing on the Retrospective activity, or the specific task for estimation. When ready with the setup, you can click the plus icon next to your avatar at the top right and start inviting members.

Modal to invite members while in a Planning poker session. A text input holds a placeholder informing on invitation to existing members or invite via email.

On that interface, you can invite people already in Team O'clock or new members via email. In both cases, your teammates will receive an email informing them about your meeting.

Better user management

When using Team O'clock alongside an integration, especially Slack or Microsoft Teams, administrators might end up with a long list of users in the service that need some handling on their side for:

  • Removing previous employees from the service
  • Cleaning up inactive users
  • Creating teams out of selected members
  • Quickly filtering people for internal communications

To facilitate these needs we enhanced the User Management page in the Team O'clock management interface to include better filters, select users, and perform mass actions to delete users or create teams.

This filtering and selection is especially useful for larger teams using Team O'clock.

For similar reasons, we introduced better filtering on the Teams management page. In Teams management, you can filter either for your teams or by team size as seen below.

These changes came us feedback from people in the platform and we acted fast on extending the services provided. We strive towards a people-first approach that is delivering great results both for our customers and the Team O'clock platform. This approach is part of our core values.

Team O'clock core value of "Stay focused"

If you have a suggestion or idea that will make your scrum life easier please share!